Luigi Filippo Santilli


Luigi Filippo studied Civil Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, receiving his Honours Degree in Architecture.  He achieved the Master’s Degree in Architecture and Museography for Archaeology at the ‘Accademia Adrianea di Architettura e Archeologia’ in Rome.  Specializing in the design of public spaces and museums, he has worked as a Studio Assistant in the Art and Set-Design Studio of Milan-based artist Gabriele Amadori, with whom he organized several exhibits and events in Milan, and as an Academic Assistant at the Politecnico di Milano in the Architecture Design and Set Design courses lead by Professors Pier Federico Caliari and Gabriele Amadori.  He has also been a member of the Design team of the ‘Accademia Adrianea’ for the ‘Piranesi Prix de Rome’ - Via dei Fori Imperiali Competition.  Most recently, he has worked as an architect at Spheron Architects, a worldwide renowned architectural practice with studios based in London and Accra.